Siem Reap Classic Tours
  • 3Days Phnom Penh Spectacular $197/pax
  • 4Days Phnom Penh Spectacular $267/pax
  • 3Days Siem Reap Spectacular $170/pax
  • 4Days Angkor Discovery $325/pax
  • 4Days Siem Reap Holy Water $337/pax
  • 4Days Siem Reap Spectacular $285/pax
  • 5Days Angkor Wat Spectacular $413/pax
3Days 2Nights Tuk-Tuk Package
Day 1: Pick up from airport & REP tour
Day 2: REP - Tonle Sap Tour
Day 3: REP Transfer out
Price in USD109/pax (2 to go)
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4Days 3Nights Tuk-Tuk Package
Day 1: Pick up from Airport & Rep Tour
Day 2: Rep Tour
Day 3: Tonle Sap Tour
Day 4: Rep Transfer out
Price in USD171/pax (2 to go)
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Tuk-Tuk Tour 2days
Day 1: Pick up from hotel & Tour
Day 2: Rep Tour
Price in USD56/pax (2 to go)
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Tuk-Tuk Tour 3days
Day 1: Pick up from hotel & Tour
Day 2: Rep Tour
Day 3: Tonle Sap Tour
Price in USD92/pax (2 to go)
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Travel in Cambodia is a website that provide the Real Cambodian Culture, Real People, Real Products, good services, honest and friendly website / services. This website / services is found by a young Cambodian man. My name is Hem Bunhong and my English name is (BEN). I am 26 years old by now. I come from countryside one of the very poor village and it located 20km away from Siem Reap City. I come to Siem Reap City since I was 18 years old. First time I come and I was working at one of the local restaurant as a waiter and had a chance to improve my English by speaking to foreigners and also studied with a Buddhist monk at the pagoda where I stayed as well.

I work at the restaurant during the late noon time from 4pm until 11pm at night and during the morning time I went to school studied at High School. Can you imagine the life like that? How difficult was it? But I however I tried my best to get over of it and I made it. I never forget this.

An exam coming at I had asked a permission from the owner of the restaurant to do my final exam and he approved for me. I was very glad that he allowed me to do so and in my exam I knew that I did all well and I full of hope that I will be pass and I pass. I was the poorest student in the classroom and many of students in my class room didn’t want to talk or even play with me at all because they are from a rich family and they have more friends to play with and they have lot more time / chance to study more but they just lazy. And they can use their parents money to pay to the teacher to pass the final exam.

After I got the high school certificate and I really want to continue to study at University and I went to my homeland and told my parents that I had pass the high school and I got the certificate and they were very happy about it. But when I told them that I want to continue to University they were not look happy at all because they don’t have money to support me for that. I knew the answer will be like that but I just don’t want to give up my hope. After a few months I had change my job from a waiter and I work at a 3-star hotel as a receptionist. And I got to learn a lot new things from the front office and back office. one and half year at a front office field and I was promoted to be a Sale Executive. I worked as a Sale Executive for one year and I again promoted to a Guest Relation Officer until now is 4years already in that position. I really like this position because it give me more chance to talk to tourists from a different counties all over the world and also I can improve my language too. I love talking to people, I love meeting new people, I love giving information about my lovely town to people.

I often visit my family and I made this tour to improve the living situation for my village (my parents, my relations, my neighbor, my friends, etc……..) What I do to help them?

1: I made a pump wells for the village (community)

2: I bought a pig let to give to them and feed it until it big enough to sell and they can sell for their own money to feed their family.

3: I built the toilet for the village (community)

4: I pay to the school to register their kids to study

5: I bought a bicycle to give to the poorest villagers and for the kids who are good at study

6: Buying a solar lamp for students.

7: Sending the villagers to have a good training with some other organizations for the agriculture.

And so much more...........

If you are interested of these services, please contact him at the following address.

E.mail: bensiemreap@gmail.com, bounhong2002@yahoo.com


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- Car $7/way
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